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Editor-in-Chief Dr. Ezzat El-Gammal reveals the threats he faced in Senegal, an attempted murder, and the theft of critical documents concerning the Mossad and Macky Sall

Circumstances led me to be in Dakar, Senegal, during the trial of the controversial opposition leader Ousmane Sonko, following the demonstrations that took place across the West African country, in which hundreds were killed. This occurred when the French lawyer was expelled after the court refused his plea. I was working on a report as a journalist, and that’s when the troubles began for me amidst the protests, on the streets, and during meetings with the people, especially the youth eager for change and their thoughts in a country with an oppressive regime. I came to believe that the people wanted Ousmane Sonko for change; he was the hope of the Senegalese people both inside and outside Senegal. Believing in change and ending corruption in this country, and supporting honest opposition, I, indeed, had a program, as you know, called “In the Ambassador’s Hospitality,” and I had many meetings on this matter. Everyone was watching in confusion, and I was searching for information to publish. At this point, someone offered me extremely important documen.

Dear reader, be aware that the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad has significant activity in Dakar, and this is well-known. Here lies the surprise: Gabriel Peretz, a close associate of SenegalesePresident Macky Sall, is involved in a $45 billion arms deal for the benefit of Senegal. His company, “Ad Trade,” has been identified as the main supplier of the Russian weapons requested by the Senegalese government. Additionally, Peretz’s company, “Ad Trade,” has been used to arm the Senegalese army, while the Israeli company “Tim George,” which he owns, controls thousands of fake accounts to influence public opinion, manipulate elections, and buy off journalists. This reveals the tight Israeli grip on Senegal’s political and security life, resembling a kibbutz in the middle of the Sahel.

This phenomenon in Senegal emerged thanks to the initiative of Gabriel Peretz, the individual who directed Mossad operations. He facilitated a $300 million loan to the Senegalese government for purchasing weapons. Through my research, I came across documents incriminating President Macky Sall, revealing him as a dishonest statesman, along with two others.

I discovered that Israel and Mossad have established Dakar as their base, in agreement with President Macky Sall, who provided them with weapons, surveillance equipment, and more to kill and exterminate the Senegalese people and anyone opposing the tyrannical regime. The European Union remained silent about the opposition, as the regime employed gangs to spread corruption, repression, arrests, and threats. The French colonialism did not do what you have done, Macky Sall, nor did your immoral Minister of the Interior, Antoine Félix.

The sheikhs and scholars may be subdued, but God is with the people. All this is with you, but God is not with you, and if God supports you, no one can overcome you. Despite being exposed to danger, public theft under threat, the theft of important documents meant for publication, my passport, and my money, I had paid a large sum of money to obtain all these documents. However, they were aware of this matter, and I don’t know what happened to the two individuals who sold this information to me. Even the police knew about it and did not want to verify the theft; they only filed a loss report despite me informing them of the danger I faced. This happened under state surveillance and due to police corruption.

Nevertheless, I made several contacts with some Gulf countries, and what I learned from the decision-making center in this country was their support for Ousmane Sonko. They told me, “You know the matter, and we are now on good terms with Israel, which holds the file in its hands.” This confirmed for the second time that Mossad was behind it.

Israel has significant interests and stakes in West Africa, particularly with some countries that have vested interests with the Zionist entity. With Europe largely allied with Israel, Africa remains its focus. Israel scrutinizes and controls presidents and kings under a microscope, following the Zionist principle that once you enter, there is no way out.

In this article, I wrote about the truth of a patient and generous people who possess wealth yet find themselves with nothing. However, they hold the strongest asset: an inner spiritual faith. This is how I found the faith of the Senegalese people in change. It is a miniature revolution ignited by an angry populace, and Ousmane Sonko was the spark for this change. This spark is the power of the people, the loud voice, the voice of the masses that halted this scheme against Senegal.

While I communicated with various religious factions, they represented the spirit of peace in Senegal, extending also to some other African countries. Some refrained from speaking, others had their opinions, and some did not discuss politics at all. However, they all showed me great respect, and I, in turn, offer them all my respect and appreciation—both the sheikhs and the scholars.

During my visits to several cities like Touba and Kaolack, I found that Senegalese Sufism is shaping the future. The scholars and sheikhs did not let Sufism in Senegal remain stagnant; instead, they succeeded in blending spiritual direction with the modernity of the state and the secular political orientation of the people. Thus, Sufism in Senegal managed to create immunity and resilience against extremist ideologies and armed terrorism.

Some close journalist friends advised me that I should leave Senegal.

The strange and unbelievable thing is how a security force funded by the European Union helped crush the pro-democracy protests. The Senegalese elite police unit, trained by the European Union, was originally intended to address cross-border crime. Instead, it was used to violently suppress a popular pro-democracy movement.

Today, I say to the political will that the matter is not over yet, for the thorn is still in your throats. The watchers are still there, and the task is not easy. However, the journey begins with a single step, and here is that step. We demand the rights of the people who have waited so long. As you know everything, there are resources, there is development, and the people’s will for change. There is bribery and corruption in the state, and there is a need to reform the entire system. May God protect the state of Senegal and its deserving people.

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